theory of comp



It is the step by step solution to the certain problem if we multiply 2 number then step by step process takes place this is what we study in theory of computation. for eg. Multiplication of 2 number, Finding a word in a dictionary, checking whether there is a path between 2 vertices in a graph,

There are certain example of computational device – Cell phone, calculator, Gps

Study of a computational device based on resources that use.

Finite Automata – Something has stated is how it works

eg. of finite Automata :- An electric switch, basically switch has 2 states ‘ON’ and ‘off’ if switch is ‘ON’ state then we push it will change to ‘off’ state again we push it then it will go ‘ON’ state . that’s how electric switch changes its state.

A sequence of the following operation for Fan regulator or Microwave oven.

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Graph theory :- source nptel  link

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formal language and Automata Theory 

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