Forensic (intro)

.I would like to mention one incident happen to me in past year, I was working for one online company selling on eBay. but this company used my id to create a fake account in eBay . and start selling a product . after the sometimes company took the money but didn’t ship the product .and I got the criminal letter from police. I suspected this before. there is something wrong with this company. the way he used to write me an email and talk on the phone was not at all professional.. I started collecting info about the website when it was created (it was only 3 months old ) registered from köln, how old it is. tracing telephone no from which city he is calling. tracing email from which IP address is sent. it was from köln .tracing address in google to verify where it really exists. and there was no address exited with that company name and address given was from Dusseldorf. as evidence, I submitted all this info to local police in Dortmund Germany. then I got an only warning letter and nothing happen to me. and I saved my self.  This is how got more interested in this subject.

Topics need to be covered:-

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1.Target /Aspects (Rewrite it)          

Newly rewritten vs classical forensics

4.Securing and Evaluating the Scene(Rewrite the heading)

5.Legal Aspects

7. Case Study (rewrite)


8. Skill set required

9.forensics Toolset Required 


11.Hacks (Internet Artifacts) (Add Pic)

12.Hacks(Email Forensics)(Add PIC)