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Certifications For Forensics Experts

Shake a tree and a computer forensics certification is guaranteed to fall out. If this list is overwhelming, do a quick survey of job descriptions and talk to your colleagues/mentors. Most employers (e.g. Homeland Security) will specify their preferred accreditations.

  • CCE: Certified Computer Examiner
  • CEH: Certified Ethical Hacker
  • EnCE: EnCase Certified Examiner
  • GCFE: GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner
  • GCFA: GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst
  • GCIH: GIAC Certified Incident Handler
  • CCFE: Certified Computer Forensics Examiner
  • CPT: Certified Penetration Tester
  • CREA: Certified Reverse Engineering Analyst

Soft Skills

To catch a criminal, you must be able to think like a criminal. As Eric Robi notes in his interview, “a computer forensic analyst has to be incredibly curious about how computers work and how people behave.”

In addition to curiosity and insight, you will be expected to have exceptional oral and communication skills. A sizeable chunk of an expert’s job is devoted to writing reports and explaining evidence.

Would you be able to present your findings to a non-technical jury and judge? Could you defend those findings when cross-examined by opposing counsel? Even if you are only speaking to lawyers and clients, you will need to be crystal clear.

Hard Skills

In our survey of job descriptions, we have seen employers call for technical skills such as:

  • Network skills, including TCP/IP-based network communications (much of modern forensics involves reading network traces)
  • Windows, UNIX and Linux operating systems
  • C, C++, C#, Java and similar programming languages
  • Computer hardware and software systems
  • Operating system installation, patching and configuration
  • Backup and archiving technologies
  • Cryptography principles
  • eDiscovery tools (NUIX, Relativity, Clearwell, etc.)
  • Forensic software applications (e.g. EnCase, FTK, Helix, Cellebrite, XRY, etc.)
  • Data processing skills in electronic disclosure environments
  • Evidence handling procedures and ACPO guidelines
  • Cloud computing