prog 2 java Assigment

SS 2017

Programming 2 – CTS2

Monitored Assignment 1

Implement a JavaFX program which reads map data from a text file written in simplified XML syntax into the Graph data structure available under P:\kratzer\Programming 2\Graph. Using the resulting Graph, a visual redition of the map should be shown on a JavaFX Canvas.

Minimum requrement: Show the map as described above — your program should allow for reloading a dfferent map using the “Load!” button.

Challenge: Provide some means to select an origin and a destination — and find and highlight the optimal path from origin to destination.

As an example (!) a file is provided under P:\kratzer\Programming 2.

Put in ample comments into your source code — and, of course, the names of the group members. Write a one-page documentation for your program, also with at least the names of the group members, a full disclosure of your references, and a description of the concept used to fill the graph, and the concept how to display the graph contents on the canvas.


All group members must be present for the acceptance meeting — you might have to answer questions.

Acceptance Session: May 9, 2017 09:50 C08


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