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IGNOU MA Economics Study Material

The Indira Gandhi National Open University sends IGNOU MA Economics study material and assignment booklet to students via registered post at the address prescribed by students on the admission form.

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IGNOU MA Economics Study Material Free Download

The study material in the form of pdf files can also be downloaded from university dedicated website for study material i.e. at

In case, if the students find any issue or discrepancy regarding the set of material and assignment sent to them by the university, they may contact Material Production & Distribution Division, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110 068.

MEC-001: Micro Economic Analysis

 Block-01  Consumer Behavior Download
 Block-02  Producer Behavior Download
 Block-03  Price and Output Determination-I Download
 Block-04  Price and Output Determination-II Download
 Block-05  Welfare Economics Download
 Block-06  General Equilibrium Download
 Block-07  Economics of Uncertainly Download
 Block-08  Non-Cooperative Game Theory Download

MEC-02: Macroeconomic Analysis

Block-01 Traditional Approaches to Macroeconomics Download
Block-02 Economic Growth Download
Block-03 Rational Expectations Download
Block-04 Inter-temporal Decision-Making Download
Block-05 Economic Fluctuations Download
Block-06 Unemployment Download
Block-07 Open-Economy Macro-Modelling Download

MEC-03: Quantitative Methods

Block-01 Introduction to Differential Calculus Download
Block-02 Extreme Values and Optimization Download
Block-03 Integral Calculus and Economic Dynamics Download
Block-04 Linear Algebra and Economics Application Download
Block-05 Statistical Methods-I Download
Block-06 Statistical Methods-II Download

MEC-004: Economics of Growth and Development

Block-1 Economic Growth Models-I Download
Block-2 Economic Growth Models-II Download
Block-3 Economic Growth Models-III Download
Block-4 Social and Institutional Aspects of Development Download
Block-5 Theories of Development Download
Block-6 Development Strategies Download

MEC-05: Indian Economic Policy

Block-01 Framework of Indian Economy Download
Block-02 Development Strategies in India Download
Block-03 Sectoral Performance-I Download
Block-04 Sectoral Performance-II Download
Block-05 Sectoral Performance-III Download
Block-06 Governance of the Economy Download

MEC-06: Public Economics

Block-01 Public Economics: Basic Concepts Download
Block-02 Social Choice and Collective Decision Making Download
Block-04 Rudiments of Tax Theory Download
Block-05 Public Debt Download
Block-06 Public Economics Download

MEC-07: International Trade and Finance

Block-01 International Trade Download
Block-02 Balance of Payments Download
Block-03 Globalization, Trade and Developing Countries Download
Block-04 Trade Policies Download
Block-05 Theory of Regional Blocks Download
Block-06 Trade Policies in India Download

MEC-08: Economics of Social Sector and Environment

Block-01 Society and Economic Development: Some Hard Facts Download
Block-02 Society Beyond Market Download
Block-03 Sustainable Development and Environment Download
Block-04 Natural and Common Property Resources Download
Block-05 Economics of Education Download
Block-06 Health Economics Download

MEC-09: Research Methods in Economics

Block-03 Quantitative Methods-I Download
Block-04 Quantitative Methods-II Download

MECE-01: Econometric Methods

Block-01 Basic Econometric Methods Download
Block-02 Specification Issues Download
Block-03 Endogenous Regressors Download
Block-04 Limited Dependent Variable Models Download
Block-05 Models for Time Series Data Download

MECE-03: Actuarial Economics: Theory and Practice

Block-01  Risk and Risk Management Download
Block-02  Actuarial Modelling Download
Block-03  Actuarial Techniques-I Download
Block-04  Actuarial Techniques-II Download
Block-05  Non-Life Reserving, Accounts and Re-insurance Download
Block-06  Types of Insurance Download
Block-07  Regulation of Insurance Download
MECE-04: Financial Institutions and Markets
Block-01 Nature and Role of Financial System Download
Block-02 Financial Markets Download
Block-03 Financial Institutions Download
Block-04 Financial Sector and Monetary Policy Download
Block-05 International Financial Markets Download

MEC-105: Indian Economy Policy

Block-1 Indian Economic Development: An Overview Download
Block-2 Development Strategies in India Download
Block-3 Sectoral Developments Download
Block-4 Major Issues Confronting Indian Economic Policy Download
Block-5 Monetary and Fiscal Policies in India Download
Block-6 External Sector and Trade Policy Download
Block-7 Sector Specific Policies Download
Block-8 Implementation and Monitoring of Economic Policies Download