List of algorithm general topics

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This is a list of algorithm general topics.

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Course Content in CTS ..
  • Analysis of algorithms: correctness, termination, runtime analysis, asymptotic notation, amortized analysis
  • Efficient sorting: efficient comparison-based method (Heap sort, merge sort, quick sort), lower threshold for comparison-based sorting,
  • Simple data structures: abstract data types, stack, queue, priority queue
  • Hash algorithm: hash functions, collision resolution with concatenation of deserters and exploratory, dynamic hashing
  • Trees: AVL trees, B-trees, red-black trees, self-organizing trees, digital trees (Tries)
  • Graph algorithms: width and depth search, cycle detection, topological sorting, shortest paths (Bellman-Ford, Dijkstra), minimum spanning trees (Kruskal, Prim), flow in networks (Ford Fulkerson), bipartite matching
  • Design methods: Divide and Conquer, Greedy method, backtracking, dynamic programming, randomized algorithms
  • Outlook: complexity classes P, NP, NP completeness
        Recursive Algorithms     Link2   Link3   Link4
        Algorithm analysis: Correctness, Termination, Efficiency, Big-Oh/Theta/Omega-Notation
        Sorting Algorithms(Heap sort ,   Merge sort, Quick sort , Insertion sort, Bubble sort , Selection sort, Shell short)
        Dynamic Data Structures
        Binary search (Video Link 1) Trees, AVL Trees, B-Trees, Red-Black-Trees
        Hash tables
        Graph algorithms
–         Np – completeness
The assignments will be a combination of theoretical work and programming tasks (in Java).